Well.  This is distressing.

I should have caught this word over a year ago, it being absolutely uncommon.  That is to say, the software should have caught it.  We have a little mystery to solve!   “Goblin-imp” is not in the Great Spreadsheet of Doom.  It is definitely not in the Project Gutenberg corpus (I checked).  There is no occurrence of “imp” elsewhere in the text of The Hobbit except as part of “glimpse” or “important” or similar.

Perhaps I can bribe Tech Support with blueberry muffins to chase this further down.

Here it is for now, a tasty treat that Gollum enjoyed a few hours before Chapter 5.

  • 05.087 and caught a small goblin-imp.

Update: this is not a programming error (and I checked the punctuation thing, too).  It seems to be merely a cut-and-paste error such as one has when manipulating over 5,000 lines of spreadsheet.


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